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Bicycle Accidents / Pedestrian Collisions

With in-car entertainment, navigation screens, mobile phones, texting, video chat and other distractions, drivers of motor vehicles are colliding with bicyclists and pedestrians at rates never seen before. It is an extremely dangerous time to be on a bicycle or walking on our streets and in parking lots. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed while bicycling, running, walking or just out and about, they have rights and we can help!

Pedestrian Hit By Car, Who is At Fault? Bicyclist Hit by Car, Who is At Fault?

Many myths and falsities exist about bicyclist and pedestrian “rules of the road” and their legal responsibilities when biking, walking and running. Many believe bicyclists and pedestrians must follow the same rules as cars and trucks. The reality is, operators of motor vehicles almost always owe a higher duty of care to avoid collisions and to follow rules than do bicyclists and pedestrians.

Drivers always owe a duty to pedestrians and to bicyclists to operate motor vehicles in a safe and responsible manner and, in most situations, to stop or yield for bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Types of Motor Vehicle – Bicycle Collisions & Motor Vehicle – Pedestrian Collisions

Bicyclists and pedestrians are struck and injured in many common and avoidable ways.

  • Vehicles Failing to Stop/Yield to Bicyclists or Pedestrian Crossing Roadway
  • Vehicles Driving too Close to Bicycle and Pedestrian
  • Vehicles Failing to Move Over for Bicyclist and Pedestrian
  • Speeding / Careless Driver Hitting Bicycle or Pedestrian
  • Drunk Driver Hitting Bicycle or Pedestrian
  • “Right Hook” Driver Hitting Bicycle or Pedestrian (“Right Hook” – Driver Failing to Look Right and Behind Before Executing a Right-Hand Turn)
  • Open Car Door and Hitting Bicyclist or Pedestrian
  • Backing Out of Parking Space Hitting Bicyclist or Pedestrian
  • Exiting Parking Space Hitting Bicyclist or Pedestrian
  • Truck / Tractor-Trailer Hitting Bicycle or Pedestrian

Bicycle Injury After Being Struck By Car or Truck / Pedestrian Injury After Being Struck By Car or Truck

With little or no protection or only light protective equipment, bicyclists and pedestrians suffer catastrophic injuries and are killed every day when struck by heavy, fast moving motor vehicles on roadways and parking lots. Even in the best situation, injury to bikers and pedestrians from car crashes include concussion, fracture, laceration, sprain/strain, bruising, abrasion (road rash) and emotional trauma. Recovery from even a minor bicycle collision or minor pedestrian collision can be a long and painful ordeal.

Unfortunately, few bicyclists hit by cars and pedestrians struck by motor vehicles sustain only minor injury. The vast majority of collisions are serious bicycle collisions and serious pedestrian collisions resulting in devastating injuries, permanent disabilities and even loss of life.

Scalli Murphy Bicycle Rights Attorneys & Scalli Murphy Pedestrian Rights Attorneys Can Help

Whether you or your loved one is in need of medical care, financial assistance during recovery, help with administrative issues (insurance/employment/medical/property damage), proper and fair compensation for all you have lost and/or justice and closure, we can help!

The only way to change behavior and protect those who love to walk, run, bike and enjoy our great communities is to aggressively fight for individuals and families who have been injured or who have lost a loved one. We feel that it is imperative to not only obtain financial compensation for the victim and their family, but to make sure the driver is held accountable and, if needed, safety changes are made. Our responsibility is to protect and fight for our client and, when possible, to protect others from having to suffer a similar fate.

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