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When You Have Been Hurt, We Are Here To Help.

“Very few situations remind us how fragile life can be as rapidly as a catastrophic injury or death caused by someone else’s inattention, recklessness or negligence. A collision involving a motor vehicle, a fall on someone’s property, a medical mistake, a workplace injury or a fatal diagnosis brought on by exposure to a toxic product all unfathomably change our day-to-day existence.”

Life is great, until it’s not. Most days are similar in many ways. We have the same joys, triumphs, light stresses and seemingly important “issues” to contend with. However, and tragically, sometimes a traumatic event comes along that upends our lives and makes us realize what is truly important. What we thought were major issues in our lives fade away as we struggle to recover our physical health or support a loved one who has been injured or become unexpectedly ill.

If you or a family member has been injured or you lost a loved one, we can help.

A Personal Injury (or a Death) is a Painful Experience and a Confusing Time.

Very few situations remind us how fragile life can be as rapidly as a catastrophic injury or a death caused by someone’s inattention, recklessness or negligence.

Questions of all kind need answers immediately… medical questions, legal questions, financial questions, personal and family questions, etc. Action must be taken… medical action, legal action, financial action, family action, etc. Without help, the questions, problems and suffering multiply as ripples from the tragedy spread throughout all aspects of post-accident life and compound day after day.

Every client, family and situation is different but some factors, the human factor, never change. In every case, the lawyer and law firm’s responsibilities should include truly caring and providing prompt attention to answer questions, identify needs, provide immediate and long-term assistance, and to secure real results for the client.

We take great pride in being able to promptly, compassionately and properly guide you and your family through even the most difficult personal injury or wrongful death situation, to provide all assistance needed and to secure results you want and need.

A Comprehensive Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Practice That Knows How To Help.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and families across a wide range of personal injuries, accidents and losses. However, despite vast knowledge and experience gained over 25 years helping personal injury clients, we know that we do not know everything. If we are not the right firm to help your situation, we will work diligently to connect you with a trusted professional to assist with your specific need as we want you in the best hands possible period.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one, we urge you to contact our office for help with any of the following legal matters:

Motor Vehicle Injury – Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury and death. Massachusetts law and insurance policy provide, in most situations, immediate benefits to assist with lost wages, out of pocket expenses, funeral costs, rental car and property damage. We will explain the law to you and let you know benefits and protections you are entitled to. Thereafter we will fight to make sure your needs are met and to obtain the compensation and justice deserved. Our firm handles all types of motor vehicle injuries in Massachusetts including car and motorcycle crashes, tractor-trailer and commercial vehicle collisions, pedestrian and bicycle impacts and almost every other type of transportation-related event.. railroad, bus, subway, boat, etc.

Injury on Another’s Property – Property owners need to keep their premise reasonably safe from dangers that could cause a person to slip, trip, fall or be harmed. If they do not promptly fix a known danger, warn the public or allow a dangerous condition to exist, they could and should be held liable for accidents that result. Our premise liability practice, not only encompasses classic slip and fall injury and death but extends to almost all other situations… attack and assault a property owner failed to prevent, holding bars and restaurants liable for over-serving alcohol to a guest who later injures themselves or another, falling debris, toxic exposure, etc.

Medical Mistake – We put our lives in the hands of doctors, nurses and hospitals. We rightfully hold them to a high standard of care equal to their high level of education and training and the great responsibility they have. When doctors make mistakes due to negligence or incompetence, medical malpractice lawyers know the complicated steps required to bring them to justice, recover compensation for their victims, and improve public health and safety for all. You are not alone, we can help.

Workplace Injury – Massachusetts workers’ compensation law covers employees injured on the job regardless of how it happened. Unfortunately, worker compensation benefits, in most situations, only cover medical care and a portion of lost wages. However, when a third-party (non-employer) is responsible for causing the accident or when other special laws apply, our workplace injury attorneys can help obtain a full measure of compensation for our clients and not just partial reimbursed wages and medical bill payment. From construction workers to first responders, we proudly represent those great employees and workers who put themselves at risk every day to make our lives better.

Class Action/Defective Product – Product makers and others are liable for the harm caused when they release a defective product on the market. Consumers can not know a product is unsafe until it is too late, so it is up to manufacturers, distributors and retailers to make sure they are only making and selling safe products. Our product liability team helps individual victims of product defects and also pursue class action litigation when a design or manufacturing defect harms tens, hundreds or thousands of people.

Asbestos Exposure/Mesothelioma – Companies continued to use asbestos for decades after its health risks were known, and property owners failed to remove, seal or otherwise properly remediate asbestos in commercial and residential properties. Asbestos and mesothelioma cases are complex and hard-fought by the insurance companies. We put in the time and effort necessary to achieve a truly proper recovery for asbestos victims and their families.

Wrongful Death – In the most tragic of instances, another’s negligence results in the death of an innocent person. Massachusetts has strict laws about who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit and what they can recover. Our firm knows these laws and works tirelessly to achieve justice for a lost family member, holding responsible parties accountable and obtaining financial compensation to support a spouse, child, parent or heir as they continue to live without their loved one.

Criminal Defense – Getting convicted of a crime does not just mean you could have to pay a fine or spend time in jail. The repercussions of a criminal record can ripple across your home, professional life and standing in the community. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of criminal offenses. We will work to get the best result available, whether that means getting the charges reduced or dropped, having the case dismissed, negotiating an agreeable plea of probation or defending you at trial to prove your innocents.

Other Legal Needs – Scalli Murphy has developed and maintains a network of legal and business professionals throughout Massachusetts and beyond so that we are ready to assist you with any legal matter or direct you to someone who can help. Our clients look to us as trusted advisors whenever they have a legal problem. We take this role seriously and want you to know we are here for you, always ready to do our best, and if we can not help you, to put you in touch with someone who can in Massachusetts or across the United States.

After an Injury, Arrest or Other Legal, Scalli Murphy Law Is Here for You.

We handle all personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis. This means if we are not successful, then we do not charge you any fee at all. You never have to pay us out of your pocket, ever. We pay all case expenses and only get paid when we obtain a settlement or judgment on your case and then, paid from the proceeds of the case not from you.

Call us for a free consultation. Our main office is in Everett, but we take cases throughout Massachusetts, New England and the entire United States. If you are stuck at home or in the hospital and can not make it to us, we are always happy to travel to your location. Legal services in Spanish almost any language are available as well. Se habla español.

Our passion is helping you receive immediate and sustained assistance to manage and recover from tragedy. Ultimately, seeing you recover, find peace and closure, receive financial compensation, bring about change to protect others and helping you hold wrongdoers accountable is our reward.

Returning you and your family to your pre-accident “day-to-day joys, triumphs, light stresses and seemingly important “issues” you loved and missed so much during recovery is our goal. If you have lost those joys because of injury or death, Call Scalli Murphy Law today, and let us help get you get them back.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Murphy when I was a patient at New England Rehab in Woburn, after serious injuries to my legs. He called frequently to see how my rehab was going and to check on how I was feeling. Chris is an excellent attorney who will work hard for you to get you the best possible outcome!

C. L.

These guys are the best. I have always used them when I have an issue and send all my friends and family. Chris and Steve are amazing and really do a great job. They took the time to go over everything with me and always get good results.

P. S.

Scalli & Murphy is not only a great firm, they are a wonderful group of people that do an amazing job representing you. Highly Recommend!!

M. K.

My family and I were devastated when my father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Scalli Murphy Law helped us though the most difficult of times and was able help hold the companies that poisoned my dad fully accountable.


After being stuck by a motorist, I was in a coma and in-patient recovery for months. My injuries forced me to retire early and leave a job I loved. Scalli Murphy Law not only helped obtain more financial recovery than we thought possible but also connected me to other great people and professionals to rebuild my life and better my family.

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