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Stephen ScalliOffice Phone: 617-387-7000 x 15

Stephen V. Scalli

In 1994, Attorney Stephen Scalli knew there was a better way to help people who suffered a traumatic injury or were accused of a crime. At that time, and unfortunately still true today, Stephen found many lawyers and law firms put their needs ahead of their clients. Most firms had no empathy for the people and families they represented. Those firms could also not be bothered to answer a client question or advise a client as to the status of their case. With a “better way” in mind, Stephen created our firm.

From day one to now, more than 25 years later, our team is still committed to Stephen’s founding principal, “provide the best service to and get the best result for you (the client) and not for us (the law firm). The client comes first, always!”

To that end, Stephen never wanted people to be “clients”; he always wants them to be part of our “professional family.”

In his more than 25 years of practice, Stephen has helped thousands of injured “family member” clients obtain settlements and judgments. The financial compensation received for harm and loss sustained has helped those individuals and their families recover and ease future financial burden so they can focus on getting their pre-accident lives back and enjoy their family again.

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