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Joseph Lloyd

Starting as a paralegal while in college, working throughout law school and staying on after obtaining his law license, Attorney Joseph (“Joe”) Lloyd has always worked at Scalli Murphy Law as an advocate for those who have been injured or killed because of the carelessness, inattention and negligence of others.

In addition to his passion for personal injury law, Joe is extremely knowledgeable and innovative with technology. Combining his legal experience with cutting edge technological tools allows Joseph to assist clients in ways most other lawyers and law firms cannot.

Whether identifying at-fault parties and owners of bad-acting businesses who tried to hide their association, finding obscure laws to aide a client’s legal argument, obtaining evidence via social media and other digital platforms to prove claims or just showing insurance companies current (real-time) jury trends to drive maximum recovery for clients, Joe is committed to using all resources available to help his clients and is far ahead of most lawyer’s technical abilities.

Regardless of whether old school (law books, oral argument and the courtroom) or new age (data mining, sourcing, virtual mediation/arbitration, etc.), Joseph only has one goal in mind, to help his clients fully recover and find the financial and emotional closure and justice they seek.

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